About where I am

I am working in a town in South West Uganda called Mbarara.





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And if you don’t know Africa geography very well then you may appreciate this comparison of Africa with other countries (thanks Eddie for this – I’ll give you a link when I work out how to do it!!)



  1. Hi Zillah, Doreen and myself will keep you in our prayers. This may not be your bag, but if you do have a moment or two of time to yourself and you would like to listen to some Christian music I am adding videos from You Tube on to my Facebook profile. Also, although it is in its infancy I have a photographic website http://www.allpraisephotography.co.uk that you can have a look at.

  2. That’s right, Zillah. Someone you never thought could even find your blog, is reading it! Hats off to me for trying to explore the cyberworld! Miss you!

  3. Hi Zillah,

    James and I enjoy reading about what you are up to in Uganda. Thank you for your news letters.

    I have some OT uniforms which I do not need. Would your hospital be able to use them?

    Love From Anna Pinto

    • Hi Anna! Good to hear from you. How you and James doing? Unfortunately not sure that we will be able to use the OT uniforms here. Most the professionals wear locally made white coats. It may have to be that bonfire for the green trousers…!! 🙂 Z

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