About me

I’m Z. I grew up in Manchester and then moved to Southampton to study physio. I qualified in 1998 and spent 10 years working in Southampton. At the same time I was involved in an organisation to help Christians allied health professionals think about how their faith related to their work.

In January 2009 I moved to Uganda to work as a physiotherapist at a government hospital with a Christian organisation called AIM International. I spent the first few months in orientation and language study and then started work at the hospital in June 2009.



  1. Hi, its interesting to read about you. You must e enjoying your self. Am also a physio here in Uganda working with HIV patients.

    • Hi Isaac. Where do you work?

  2. Hi Z!!
    I’m a qualfiied physio from the UK considering a move to uganda. Is there an email address that I can write to you at?

  3. Dear Z,
    I am looking to have assistive devices made form local materials in India/Sri Lanka, I loved your write up on the papier machier splint made of cassava flour. I would love to hear more about about your splinting experience in Uganda. Thanks, Shirin

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