Posted by: zdy1 | 11 August, 2011

All creatures good and bad!

Well I have time to write as I am laid up in bed with a fever, aches, headache and some painful bites… all thanks to some unknown creature who decided the left side of my body was quite tasty a few nights ago. Frustratingly I don’t know what creature it was… We’ve ruled out mango fly and mosquito (thankfully I am clear for malaria), so that leaves a multitude of other random biting flies and spiders. That means any due revenge on the creature (or its family member) is not possible. Oh well hopefully the antibiotics and my body’s natural defences will do their job soon and I’ll be up on my feet again. I decided against posting pictures as this episode will be gratefully forgotten as soon as possible.

Anyhow I have another creature to keep me entertained while I lie here (and a friend to my other dog Quest)… an eight week old puppy called Rafiki. He was found 5 weeks ago crying, obviously abandoned, in a banana plot belonging to some friends. As a then 3 week old, he was blind, deaf and could barely walk. It has been fun (and a little tiring) caring for him up to this point but now he is at least at the age a puppy would normally be allowed away from him mum!
I am so grateful to the Skinners and Hollenbecks who kindly babysat him during the first few weeks while I was at work… couldn’t have done it without you guys!

I could tell you stories about having a small black excitable dog in power cuts and particularly a small excitable black dog, with diarrhoea, in power cuts, but best probably to leave out those graphic details! Here are some photos of my little friend because he is too cute not to share:

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” Psalm 24vs 1



  1. Hope you’ll feel better soon – and that Rafiki wasn’t the vector for any wildlife that has taken a fancy to your left flank … sinister!

  2. Glad you have company but so sorry you’re ill. Get better soon.

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