Posted by: zdy1 | 29 May, 2011

Why I have been so bad at writing this blog…

I haven’t posted in this blog for almost a year – why? Well partly because I haven’t had a lot of time and partly because I became so conscious of the fact that I didn’t want my friends here to feel that I was treating my life with them as an ‘adventure’ or a ‘project’ or to give the impression I thought I had the answers to the problems they face.

The truth is that I feel none of the above. If I was here for the adventure then I would have left by now, yes there are still many new experiences, but there are just as many days when I get up, go to work, cook, clean etc… Rather than seeing it as a project, I am just here living alongside friends, learning from these friends how to function best in this culture, serving the same God. Yes we have projects, but we are doing them together. And as for the having the answers…I think I am still learning what the questions are!

I know my family and friends outside Uganda find this blog helpful for somehow understanding my life is like here and therefore I am going to try and write sometimes. But if I ever mistakenly communicate that I am an expert having an adventure doing a project in Africa… then please tell me and I’ll sort myself out!

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