Posted by: zdy1 | 20 March, 2010

holidays past

Well I am sat waiting for a friend to arrive from the UK and as I view the prospect of a holiday in a few weeks time, I thought it was about time I posted a few photos of my last holiday as I promised long ago…

We went to Fort Portal for a few days which is North West of Mbarara.

Our Campsite was at Amabeere Caves…

Here are the caves.. “Amabeere” means “breasts” in the local language and gets its name from the strange stalactite formations… decided to save you those photos but safe to say it was rather surreal having the guide point them all out!

One day we went on a trip round the foothills of the Rwenzoris… very fun drive!!

We were heading to Semuliki National Park which is on the Congo border and has lots of amazing birds and hot springs…

We then moved South to a “crater lake” area where we went swimming…

and cycling…

and saw lots of monkeys…

Of course no trip here is complete without the sights you see while travelling.

The driving school (having seen some of the driving “in his mercy” sounds about right!!)…

The comfy way to travel (although not sure they were too impressed with having their photo taken!!)

The matoke (green bananas) carrier (very common sight here). The guys who push these must be very fit – they often go miles,up and down hills.


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