Posted by: zdy1 | 19 January, 2010

You know you have been in Uganda too long when…

I recently found a facebook group called “You know you’ve been in Uganda too long when…”. Whether being here a year counts as “too long”, nevertheless here are some of my favourites that ring completely true…

    When you don’t get confused even though the person you’re talking to keeps mixing up ‘he’ and ‘she’ in the same sentence.
    When you point with your lips and say yes with your eyebrows.
    you yell, “muzungu” (“white person”) at other muzungu’s you see walking down the road as you pass them in your car
    When the sight of a boda-boda (motorcycle) with a passenger carrying yet another boda-boda [effectively a boda-boda breakdown service] does not cause you to raise an eyebrow.
    Clothes becomes a two-syllable word. Clo – thes.
    When people use please in everything they say when talking to you and it does not sound weird at all………`bye please’….”thank you please”
    When you give inanimate objects the capability to act and feel, e.g. “this soda is defeating me” or “This computer is refusing to work”
    When you say “let me come” and you go in the opposite direction!
    When you finally take it as a compliment and smile sincerely when someone comments on how fat you have grown
    When you’re no longer surprised that a boda boda guy will try to convince you to become his customer by running you over.

and adding one of my own:

    When you are surprised to see a man walking with a dog on a leash and then realise that it is ok, it is only a goat.



  1. I hope you bring the habit of lip-pointing home with you … I’ll look forward to seeing that one šŸ™‚

    • Don’t worry, that is one that I have every intention of losing quickly. Fortunately I am not very good at it. Can’t quite understand how you can speak instructions and point at the same time (try saying “over there” whilst pouting!!)

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