Posted by: zdy1 | 13 April, 2009

Circle of life!

I always knew living here was going to be an education. This weekend I gained a better appreciation of the origins of meat! Some of my colleagues here have been rearing pigs and Saturday was D-day for one of them. I forced myself to go, figuring that if I am happy to eat meat then it would be good for me to accept where that meat came from. It was certainly not a pleasant experience but I was glad I went.

Watching! (adapted for my more sensitive friends!)

Watching! (adapted for my more sensitive friends!)

The next morning I discovered that Harry the Rooster who I had developed a particular bond with (and roosted in my house on many occasions) had become part of an Easter feast for my landlords family. 😦 I hope he tasted good!

Seeing the sacrifice that these animals gave to feed us, was a very small glimpse at a much much bigger sacrifice that we have been remembering this weekend. It was a very timely reminder. Thank you so much Jesus for what you did!


  1. Brave lady.

    Gutted someone ate your pet though. Maybe you should try a pet that doesn’t fly and tastes horrible next? I saw some very cute tortoises at the zoo this weekend … do they have those in Uganda? I hope you manage to find some comfort in the ‘proper’ Cadburys when it arrives. Jx

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