Posted by: zdy1 | 9 April, 2009

The joy of freight! :-)

I have just heard that my freight has arrived in Kampala and may even be brought down to Mbarara this weekend. I am very excited.

I am very conscious that material things are something that I have been blessed with compared to many people around me. It is hard to find a moment when you don’t feel extortionately rich (even when I am doing unpaid voluntary work). I am therefore more than aware that I could cope absolutely fine without the items that I have had shipped over. But as I own them anyway, it seems crazy for them to be sat locked away in the UK! Here are a few highlights:

A jar of marmite!
Impossible to get here and my fellow westerners don’t even know about it let alone have a secret stash! YUM!

My physio books!
I am already being asked many questions about physio issues I haven’t worked with for years – it will be good to be able to revise!

My tent & bivvy bag!
There are lots of places to visit in Southern Uganda but beyond my budget – a tent will give me freedom to go and play sometime! In the meantime, camping out in my garden under the stars sounds fun!

Buying shampoo here is a bit of a treasure hunt as I discovered last week when I ran out, I had to trawl various “supermarkets” and eventually found one bottle which I think is shampoo but my hair is not so sure!

British Chocolate! (If my parents have been nice to me!)
There is Cadbury’s chocolate here but it isn’t quite the same – I suspect that there must be some anti-melt ingredient in it.

The main thing I am excited about is just having reminders of home. With constantly facing new things here, it will be nice to have a few new things that have some old memories attached!


  1. Hey! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO exciting- especially the chocolate bit- hope you get some giant buttons- they’re my favourite!

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