Posted by: zdy1 | 8 April, 2009

Flying to the moon


I don’t usually remember dreams and if I do, I wouldn’t normally confess the strange workings of my mind to the world but thought last nights was worth sharing!

I dreamt we met up with a new family working with our unit (which covers South Uganda and Rwanda), but this family’s assignment was slightly different as they were working on the moon. We met with them in their home and I was having a serious conversation with the kids about how they explained to their school teacher that they lived on the moon. I went on to enquire how they got internet and they explained that AIM International had the given them the code to change the direction of one of the satellites.

Hmm. Not sure what this says about how far away I am feeling at the moment or whether I just need to watch this Ugandan food!


  1. You’ve not been wearing your solar topee have you Zillah – the old missionaries knew all about the dangers of sun-stroke!

    Unfortunately AIM Care don’t have any specialists in dream interpretation just at present ….

    Happy Easter 🙂

    Love & prayers – Ian & Rosemary

  2. Doh – knew I forgot something! Hope AIM care manage to fill their gap soon!!

  3. Someone should tell NASA that Heinz is doing so well in the space race … !

    Button Moon memories flooding back. Was a large brush involved somehow?

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