Posted by: zdy1 | 8 April, 2009

Flying the nest

Mordecai has flown. Or at least we hope he has. We decided that he was a drama queen and was possibly faking some of his incapacity. This proved true when we accidently left the shed door open for a couple of hours and came back to find him gone. No sign of feathers or a fat looking dog so our conclusion is that he taught himself to fly and was quite happy to give up the rotton meat we were offering him – good for him!

So I’m back to having Harry the Rooster for company (he is currently sat next to me – snoring!) and will oblige you with some chicken photos instead!

Spot the chicken!

Spot the chicken!





  1. You appear to be collecting a different array of pets to what we would normally expect.

    Oh, and happy Easter

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