Posted by: zdy1 | 5 April, 2009

Meet Mordecai!



Over the last few weeks my little apartment has been home to baby rabbits, rats, geckos and an over friendly rooster (called Harry) but now we have a new friend – Mordecai the Hawk. My neighbours are a great couple called John & Lydia who are out here for 6 months. Lydia is a veterinary nurse and so was informed of some kids seen playing with a distressed young hawk. We went to see and it turned out that Mordecai’s mother had been responsible for killing young chicks belonging to this household so one of the boys had climbed the tree and pushed Mordecai out of the nest. When we found him, he was being manhandled, was looking very stressed and we feared internal bleeding as he had blood in his saliva. The options that we had were to leave him as he was (to be manhandled to death), to kill him immediately (but he is a very beautiful bird), to instruct him to be left at the bottom of the tree (but there are many dogs and cats around the area), to climb the tree and put him back (and face having eyes punctured or neck severed by a very angry mother hawk) or take him home!

So… Mordecai is currently living in our outdoor shed and appears to have made a good recovery. If we are in sight then he plays the poorly patient but when we are out of sight, he will stand up and hop around. He has had a good meal of three baby rats (unfortunately we had spent a day hand feeding these rats and named them Roland, Ronald and Raymond, so we felt just slightly cruel placing them directly in front of Mordecai’s sharp beak!). We are not sure what the next meal will be but have our eye on the geckos and intend to keep Harry well out of the way!

But now we have to teach him to fly!! We spent this morning in a local field throwing him up in the air, whilst ensuring our hands were well protected in a pair of jeans! He can fly a few metres, but hasn’t quite sussed either going up or the landing bit! If anyone happens to have experience in wild bird flight tuition then we would love to hear from you!!

Flight practice

Flight practice


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