Posted by: zdy1 | 18 February, 2009

Life of Z

At ABO we had a task to draw our life & journey to Africa in diagramatical form. Here is mine. I’ll leave to decipher the meanings! 🙂
Life of Z


  1. Easy to decipher …
    1. Born in Liverpool
    2. excelled at mental maths
    3. invented educational version of ping pong
    (didnt really catch on)
    4. bought air baloon on HP (still paying it off)
    5. visited an interesting country that noone else
    can find anywhere on a map
    6. was tempted to the wrong side of the tracks
    by top cat, thankfully rescued by father
    christmas. (thought we’dlost you there z)
    7. Tried to blow up air baloon to claim insurance
    8. had arms surgically removed (still no idea
    why you did that z)
    9. misunderstood what the foot painters
    association was all about.
    10. trained to be a airplane pilot (then
    remembered you had an air baloon not a
    jumbo jet)
    11. After 30 yrs, finally perfected how to make
    an origami hat, toured schools in a camper
    van demonstrating your skill.
    12. professed to have found 2 more previously
    undiscovered countries.
    13. underwent major surgery to re attach arms,
    followed by extensive rehab to learn how to
    use them.
    14. decided to head to the moutains when top
    cats kittens started calling from the other side
    of the tracks.
    15. can currently be found tobagging in the alps.

    with much love and cheekiness always .. D xx

    P.S. bet the Liverpool comment gets you the most!!

  2. not quite sure what tobagging is?? think i meant sledging lol

  3. Thanks D! You have just given me the best chuckle in weeks, still trying to work out where you got the camper van bit from!

    Would love to see your version – just drawing all your names would take half the paper!!

  4. well how else would you be able to travel round all uk schools so efficiently? 🙂

    glad you enjoyed, it gave me a hugely entertaining half hour, so thankyou 🙂

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