Posted by: zdy1 | 19 January, 2009

I’m in Africa! (I think)

Well – I’ve arrived in Africa! Well at least that is what I am told, not sure my brain has caught up yet!! There are signs around to confirm it. There have been clear blue skies all day, I am still wearing a t shirt at 9pm in the evening and I feel I should instinctively shake hands with everyone!

Flight was good. Only spilt water on my neighbour once and he took it well. Sleep was lacking, not helped by arriving early at 5.45am Kenyan time (2.45am UK time) and then it taking 3 1/2 hours to get through immigration control, collect bags and get to the not very far away guest house. Thus have spent most the day either asleep or in a state of stupor. Sharing a room again, this time with a German girl on her way to Mozambique who seems lovely. There are lots of others around but the general sense of jet lag and sleep deprivation means it is all very chilled at the moment.

So the plan from here… Tomorrow we travel (2 hours on rough roads) to Machakos where we will be staying for our 3 week “African Based Orientation” training. Rumour has it that it is very intense but we’ll wait and see. Think there may be some interesting exercises too. One is entitled “Safari Treasure Hunt” – I’m quite intrigued by the idea of having to go out and catch some wild animals!! (unfortunately I fear it may not be quite so adventurous!)

Following that I will return here for a few days rest, catching up with old friends and generally processing the step I have just taken before flying onto Kampala on the 16th Feb. My timetable from then is still be decided although I am not expecting to get to Mbarara until sometime in March.

Thank you to everyone who came on the 11th – it was a really great day (if a little overwhelming) and I feel so supported by all of you.

I’m currently being reminded of the fun of slow internet connection (it has taken me about 1/2 hour to add this post). It is apparently worse in Machakos so not sure whether I will manage to post while I am there or not.


  1. Wonderful to hear you have arrived safely – you have been so much in my thoughts and prayers.
    No time to feel home sick by the sound of it……
    Will contact mum next week after their holiday.
    A teriffic hale storm here right now!! brrr…..
    Love and prayers

  2. Great to hear you have landed safely Zillah. Lois was delighted with her text from Africa!
    Deborah e-mailed me a copy of the AIM leaflet – very professional! Excellent photograph. Hope the trek to Machakos was not too arduous.

  3. So you are still alive!!!!! Glad that you got to the other side safe and well and with the passengers around you only a little wet!
    Lovely to hear your news, though already out of date I guess. Your Mum says that you’ve seen a roadside giraffe and zebra! The girls thought that was great. Lydia asks if you’ve met Handa yet (From ‘Handa’s surprise’ – a book her class read when they were ‘doing’ Africa.)
    Covenant is begun. VERY surreal. A new life started within a life! Naomi doing well mostly. Likes the other 5 kids in her class but finding a new teacher each day a bit unsettling….other than her Tuesday teacher of course, she’s fab!!
    Hope the safari went well….oh, and the course. Hope it wasn’t too intense.
    Lots of love
    Gaynor xxxx

  4. Hi Zillah, so glad that you have arrived safely. Good to have your news. With our love and prayers, Keith and Catherine.

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