Posted by: zdy1 | 1 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi from Weymouth! I’ve just had a fun few weeks. I have visited High Wycombe, Southampton, N.Ireland, Somerset, Manchester and Bristol and it has been great to meet up with many friends. Thanks to those who put up with me!

Christmas has been spent with family and has been a good time despite rather too many attacks of the dreaded lurgy. Today I said goodbye to my brother David and Gaynor and the kids. The hardest goodbye so far although David was quite impressed with how many times he had managed to make me cry!?! (Do you feel guilty yet Dave?)

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to see my other brother, Chris, with Anna and the boys, as well as spend some time in Southampton interspersed by scary amounts of packing and form filling. My flat is still not sorted and appears ever more complicated however I am still hopeful I will be start the letting process before I go.

I am having a leaving tea/ commissioning service at Above Bar Church in Southampton on the 11th January which all are welcome to. The plan is for there to be a tea (4.30pm start) where I will give a short presentation about what I am up to (well as long as it is written in time!!) and most importantly there will be cake to eat!
This will be followed by the evening church service (6.30pm start) where there will be a part of the service for them to “commission” me. Basically for me to tell the church what I am up to and for them to pray for me. If you would like to come then do ask me for more details or just turn up!

I am slowly finding out more about what happens next but will put those details in a separate post!

Happy New Year!


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