Posted by: zdy1 | 24 November, 2008

Snow, study, football and China

Time is passing quickly, its the end of week 8 and in two weeks I will be leaving college and moving my base to Weymouth for the next few weeks. I hope at some point to improve on the frequency of these blog updates but for the moment I have focussed my attention on getting these most out of this rather unique environment that is ANCC.
Snow people
So much has happened that it is hard to know what to tell you to give you an insight into life here, hence the strange title of this post. In the middle of week 5 we had a heavy fall of snow made more interesting in the fact it was the once a term “quiet day” and there was a subsequent power cut for 24 hours. No talking, no internet, no light, no heating… I’m definately not called to be a hermit in a remote part of Alaska! The snow ball fights and snowmen building may not have ended up so quiet but God did help me discover a new sport of ‘meditative sledging’ …!!
Meditative sledging

In contrast to the impression I may have been giving people, I am also doing lots of study here! The course continues to be fantastic and spot on in terms of applicable relevance. In the last few weeks we have looked at Relating and integrating across cultures, Development practice, Project planning and management etc… For one of the sessions we were introduced a fictional culture that greeted each other by jumping up and down, kissing each others feet and shouting yippee!… Really think that would brighten up British culture if we could adopt that, so if anyone would like to greet me in that way, you are very welcome!

I continue to find that sitting for long periods does not suit me (!!) … A highlight of the week for me is therefore when there is chance to get out on the football pitch and run around. The guys even kindly let me play for a few minutes in one of the matches against long term rivals LST(London School of Theology)- I didn’t score an own goal AND we won on penalties,… all very exciting!! 🙂

ANCC football team 20/11/08

In addition to the study, getting to know the other people here has contribute a huge part of what I have learnt. I’ve yet to meet someone who can’t teach me something whether its about their own culture, the way they live their life or their own way of thinking through the issues we are studying. It has been lots of fun too! It will be hard to leave.

Things are slowly coming together for my move to Uganda. The current date of departure is the 17th or 18th January (plane tickets depending!). In preparation for Africa we had a 3 day orientation course with AIM in a Chinese Centre in Milton Keynes. So I am feeling very orientated to China now!?! (Doh – why am I not going to a place that does food like that?!). Haven’t heard much more about my assignment in Mbarara yet but hope to be speaking to a couple of people in the next few days that should help. Reality is beginning to sink in and it is scary but exciting at the same time…

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