Posted by: zdy1 | 24 October, 2008

I know where I am going!!!

I have an assignment at last! How exciting! There are still lots of details to work through but it now seems pretty definate that I will be going to work in Mbarara, Uganda.  This is all very new news so I am still getting my head around the details but this is what I know…

Mbarara (Or ‘umbrella’ as my brother is calling it) is a town in the south west of Uganda. There is a university and a hospital there and I will be working with both. The hospital is government run, is the second or third biggest in the country and is apparently currently very underresourced/ staffed. As far as I know there are 2 or 3 ugandan physios (and a couple of OTs) already based there and I will be working alongside them and hopefully enabling the department to be able to work with more patients. I will probably not know the actual work I will be involved with until I get there but it is likely that I will need to quickly refresh myself on the more acute side of physiotherapy than I have been working in for the last few years.

The Mbarara University of Science and Technology is also in the process of setting up a physiotherapy course and they would like me to work with them on developing the curriculum for this course and helping them prepare for it to start in mid 2010.  It is likely that I may also be involved in teaching on the nursing course that is already running. This is also going to be a steep learning curve!

I will also look to get involved in a local church community and work alongside the Christian healthcare professionals and students in thinking through how our faith relates to/ should impact our work practice.

The opportunity is exciting but very different to what I originally expected that I was doing (community based rehab in a rural location). However the great thing is how this role is focussed on training up Ugandans rather than making them reliant on the input of an outsider.

Where to now? I’m not exactly sure yet but there are many practicalities to sort out. If all is sorted in time then the plan would be to go on an 3 week African Based Orientation course in Kenya in mid-late January and then spend the next few months in Uganda in language learning and further cultural orientation. Will keep you posted…


  1. wow! sounds fab. What a challenge – you will be brilliant. Looking forward to hearing how its going.
    Kate x

  2. Smasher!
    It just happens by chance that I wind up on your page while I´m surfing the internet for some links of Mbarara. I´m from Germany, I´m also a physio and I´m also going to Mbarara as a volunteer of the Christian Blind Mission to a rehablitation Centre for physical disabled children! I will stay there for one year, so perhaps we´ll meet somehow, somewhere…

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