Posted by: zdy1 | 23 October, 2008

Still Alive

Well a friend has just updated their blog to say they are still alive so I thought I better do the same in case you were wondering. Actually I am sat here waiting for a call about my future overseas assignment so desperately need a distraction!

Time is passing quickly, can’t quite believe I am almost at the end of week 4 of my course. It is all going very well. The course is spot on in terms of relevance and I am thoroughly enjoying college life. I’ve even got out of doing early morning chores (RESULT!!!). However for those worried about the effect of this on my personal development I did have to do some toilet cleaning today and I do have to sit by an AV desk quite regularly and pretend I know what I am doing!

So for me the day starts at 7.50pm for breakfast followed by a tutor group or whole college session. These are usually some form of praise/prayer sessions and are a fab way to start the day. Lectures start at 9.25 and go on till 1pm. The way our course works is to work through one topic at a time for 1-2 weeks. The first week was all about who we are (I’m a completely confused learner but definately an INFP if that means anything to anyone!) and the second week was looking at a Biblical perspective of cross cultural working. The last two weeks have been looking at different worldviews/ world religions. All been really fascinating and we’ve had some good discussions but there is loads I want to read up more on and it is a challenge to decide what bits to concentrate on.

The afternoons are varied. Wednesday is the most important as that is when I get to run around a field after a ball which is an essential part of keeping my sanity! (My Myers Briggs assessment very kindly told me I needed to ensure I did plenty of physical activity to be more effective and I am working on the theory that that includes football, table tennis, pool and any other activity on offer here!). I’m also doing a car maintainance course (I can now detach the hoses on your car engine if anyone is interested!!) and learnt how to do dental injections on Monday although the person I was injecting and I both ended up with numb noses which wasn’t very good for confidence building! Look photos…

I have a needle and am prepared to use it!

I have a needle and am prepared to use it! (and Sally is going to hate me for using this photo!)

ANCC car mechanics

ANCC car mechanics

Well need to go and make that phone call… and I may even be able to tell you where I am going soon!!


  1. I’m an INTJ, what does yr lil book say about that???

  2. You look far to happy waving that big metal bar in the photo!

  3. Dreamy – “Works least well with people who believe that observing rules is important” Hmmm….

    Pop – you know me so well 😉

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