Posted by: zdy1 | 27 September, 2008

I’m here

Well I have reached Ware and enjoying the life of being a fresher again. With pool, table tennis, volleyball, countryside walks and frequent 3 course meals and cakes all on site… its a hard life!

The final packing up of my flat was a little intensive but it is all done šŸ™‚ Huge thanks to all those who came over to help – Dreamy, Sally, George, Candy, Simon, David, Mum and Dad – Thank you so much, there is absolutely no way I would have managed it without you. In return you are welcome to a tour of the countryside of Hertfordshire or a mystery tour of a part of Africa, so mystery in fact that I still don’t know where it is!

So I’ve reached the infamous ANCC, there’s about 100 people living on site and about 23 different nationalities (expanded greatly if you count the different countries people have lived in), its therefore made for great fun and fascinating conversations. I’m sharing a room which those who I spoke to before will know that this was a little shock to my system, however Rahel (a Swiss girl who has been working in Mongolia) who I am sharing with is lovely and we are having a good laugh. The main problem is how to get the large proportion of my flat contents into half a room that has very little storage space!

Lectures start next week although we have had a number of introductory sessions. We will also have chores to do and these will start next week… I have be put on “Veg duty” which mean I will not only be expected to be ready for duty at 7.20am every morning (!?!) but I will be handed a very big sharp knife at this time of the morning too!!!Ā  šŸ™‚

Here a photo for those who requested more (haven’t worked out how to do more than one per post yet) and I will go off to get ready for my next large meal and then a game of footie…

See the top three windows - ours is the one on the left!

See the top three windows - ours is the one on the left!



  1. Well done.

    Good luck with that morning thing.

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