Posted by: zdy1 | 21 September, 2008

Here goes…

Never quite worked out the way to tell people about this blog without feeling like I am self-promoting so I am just going to email lots of you and hope you will feel under no pressure to read the ramblings I write here!

So I’m nearly off. Finished work 2 weeks ago which was really strange, found it so hard to say goodbye to patients and colleagues but at the same time completely unreal. Still feel like I am on annual leave although might notice the difference on the next pay day!

In many ways it feels wrong to have left a job where I was so happy. However I am so privileged to have had 7 years of being in a job where I have never had a day when I have wanted to resign (although many mornings where just staying under the duvet has seemed very tempting!) and that is credit to fab colleagues who were happy to have a laugh as well as pick you up on a bad day- thanks guys!

So the last two weeks have been spent sorting out my flat. As many people know up until a week ago I was in a situation where I was unemployed with a flat I could neither sell nor rent… interesting!?! However God has been great and gave me real peace about it all.

Things have now changed – my parents have been able to work out a way to be able to buy me out of the housing association so I can rent the property. I am so grateful to them and my brothers/sisters in law who have had a share in the decision. Now comes the fun of trying to pack/sort out the flat in the next 4 days in time to leave for college. At the moment that seems a bit of a impossibility – I am hoping for 36+hour days!

On Wednesday I head to All Nations Christian College in the highly entertainingly named location of Ware (Where?). I then have the privilege of being cooped up  living in a big house in the countryside for the next 10 weeks. The course I am doing is called “En Route” and is designed to provide training in Cross Cultural Service for people who are planning to work abroad, I’ll tell you more when I get there and learn more about it myself – watch this space! Anyway here is a picture of my forthcoming home for the next 10 weeks…

Big house in the country

As for where I am going after… no more news yet. Will be sure to tell you as soon as I know something!!



  1. Hi Z – Great to see you and other ex-bassettites at the reunion. Glad you went for the blog, make sure you put up the odd photo too!. Our prayers go with with you. Love C+K+boys.

  2. You may be interested to know that ANCC was used for the outside shots of the St Trinians films. Please moderate your behaviour while you are there.

  3. Good to see you again last night. Praying that God will work out all the practical stuff very smoothly so you can concentrate on the course.

  4. Mr Smith’s eye’s nearly flew out the top of his head when he heard your plans!. Sounds very exicting, good luck with the training and come on Chelsea.
    Lots of photos please

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