Posted by: zdy1 | 20 July, 2008

First post

Hi to all who bother to visit this site!

I have been encouraged/ had my arm bent/ threatened with a fate worse than death… to set up a blog to keep those who want to know up to date with all my wanderings over the next few months/ years.

So here we go… I will return in due course to give a full update of my current situation. In the meantime I will go away to work out how to let you know this is here without too much self-promotion.. hmm…



  1. Good luck my good wishes go with you well done for making the move will be interested to hear what happens

  2. Hi Zillah, I am so glad that you have managed to get everything sorted, good for you, I hope you manage to get all done in time, If you want any an agency to manage your flat for you, Field palmer are really good, they do mine and have done for last 5 years?
    keep us updated and the blog is cool, hope you had fun on saturday, sorry couldnt make it had a friends house warming.
    Take care hon and enjoyXX
    Rachel and growing bumpXX

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